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Find out what makes every batch of noosa yoghurt so very special.

it all starts with the

freshest milk.

The journey from farm to fridge starts with the most important ingredient. Our milk. And we’re kinda fussy about it. That’s why every drop of milk we use comes from within 40 miles of the noosa dairy farm headquarters in northern Colorado. We personally know the dairy farmers, we know they treat their cows well, and because the milk isn’t shipped across the country, we know it’s always fresh.

how sweet it is.

While milk might be the foundation of our yoghurt, every batch of noosa (except tart plain noosa, of course) is infused with a touch of pure clover alfalfa honey for a unique, lightly sweetened, totally awesome taste.

a sweet


100% of the honey we use is produced right here in the USA with our partner Beeyond the Hive, a fourth-generation honey farm in Elizabeth, CO.

fruit fact

70 farm fresh blueberries go into every tub of our blueberry yoghurt.

heart and stars noosa finest yoghurt
no ordinary yoghurt.

Turning all these delicious ingredients into noosa is half art, half food science and half magic (yes that’s three halves, but magic is a little hard to quantify). We could tell you how it’s all done, but then we’d have to make you sign a lengthy non-disclosure agreement.

You might think this is where our story ends. But, even after we’re done making noosa, we’re far from done. We put as much work into making sure every spoonful of noosa is as rich, creamy and velvety as possible, as we do making it in the first place.

We also do a lot of scientific testing, but won’t bore you with the details. Just rest assured we’re testing to make sure our cream is the creamiest, our richness is the richest and the smoothness is the smoothest.

our values
clean water in. clean water out.

Of course making yoghurt takes a lot of milk. But did you know it also takes water? Water for washing and cleaning the equipment that we use. That’s why we’ve built our very own state-of-the-art water treatment plant. Instead of dumping all that water down the drain, we reclaim 100% of it for use irrigating the crops on our farm.

GMOs are a no-go in our yoghurt.

To make sure, we work with a third party to test and certify all our ingredients are non-GMO. While completely avoiding GMOs when feeding our cows is a difficult task, our farms always do their best. Because they can't guarantee all the feed is non-GMO, we test our milk to be sure that it is 100% completely GMO free.

we're thinking outside the cardboard box.

Many of the boxes we use get reused and re-reused many times over. Others get repurposed and shredded for use as animal bedding at horse farms, veterinary schools, and zoos around the country. The rest gets recycled. In all, we’ve reused, repurposed, and recycled nearly 500,000 pounds of cardboard.

let’s bee friends.

Through a partnership with The Pollinator Partnership we’re committed to the well-being of some of our smallest employees. The millions of honey bees producing all that deliciously sweet honey we use in our yoghurt. Together we’re working to protect and expand honey bee habitats. It’s good for the earth and deliciously good for yoghurt.

lending a helping spoon.

we’re committed to helping our local communities any way we can. from supporting school fundraisers, cycling team sponsorships, and engaging in conservation projects to partnering with radio stations to highlight up-and-coming artists. even our co-founders rob and koel help mentor local startups and speak at events around the country.

Proud partners with: KRFC, First City Cycling Team, Beti Bike Bash, City of Fort Collins Natural Areas, KEXP.org

noosa, australia

noosa began with… well, Noosa. Tucked away on Australia’s Sunshine Coast, it was near this picturesque beach town where our co-founder, Koel Thomae—an Aussie ex-pat who’d been living in Colorado—came across a simple, clear tub filled with creamy yoghurt and passion fruit purée. One irresistible spoonful later, her obsession with great yoghurt began.

take a trip back to where it all began
with our co-founder Koel.
but don’t take our word for it, hear it
from our chief milk officer
and co-founder, Rob.

And the rest they say is history. We hope you enjoy knowing a little more about noosa, but nothing beats trying it for yourself. So pick up a tub and enjoy.