Noosa - finest yoghurt
Noosa - finest yoghurt

What are the healthful benefits of noosa yoghurt?

noosa yoghurt is made with milk from happy cows never treated with rBGH. Our fruit purees are all natural and made from only the highest quality ingredients. noosa yoghurt is a great source of calcium and protein, and contains live active cultures, and probiotics (often called good bacteria). Probiotics are living organisms that help maintain balance in your digestive tract, boost your immune system and replenish the other good bacteria in your body.

What makes noosa yoghurt special?

noosa is created with an Aussie recipe originally from Queensland, Australia. noosa has a uniquely sweet and tart flavor and a thick, velvety texture that’s so incredibly good, you have to experience it yourself to believe it. In three words, it’s bonza, mates!

Is noosa made with whole milk?

Yes! noosa is made with fresh Grade A Whole Milk.

Are there any plans to make a plain flavor?

Absolutely! We recently launched plain noosa and are working hard to get it into a store near you.

Could you please make a smaller container?

We recently introduced new 4-ounce tubs in 4-packs! These smaller tubs are the perfect for snacking and lunchboxes. We also have a 4-ounce variety packs which is currently available in some Costco stores.

Is noosa yoghurt gluten free?

Yes, noosa is naturally gluten-free!

Is the honey used in noosa pasteurized?

No, the honey we use in our yoghurt is not pasteurized. Please consult with your pediatrician before giving noosa to children under 12 months of age.

Where is the best by date located?

You can find the best by date printed on the top of the lid.

Is the noosa yoghurt packaging recyclable?

Check with your local recycling center to see if it accepts #5 plastic in its recycling program. We’ve also had heaps of fans tell us they use their Noosa containers in lieu of storage containers to store all kinds of things – from leftovers in the fridge to random nuts and bolts in their garage.

Could you make a larger container?

We have both 8oz and 16oz sizes available. Adding another size option to our lineup is something we are definitely considering and hope to offer in the future.

Why do you add Kosher Gelatin to your yoghurt?

We want each experience with our yoghurt to hit the mark, and the addition of Kosher Gelatin ensures a consistently luscious product texture with every bite.

What is the source of your Kosher Gelatin?

The Kosher Gelatin we use is a bovine gelatin. Regretfully, we understand that our product may not be acceptable to vegetarian consumers because of this.

Do noosa Products Contain GMOs?

We’re happy to share that all noosa products have been third-party tested and certified GMO free. Additionally, our milk comes from cows that are never treated with rBGH. This is the EU standard, and most proposed U.S. state GMO labeling requirement for dairy to be considered GMO free.

We’re proud of the fresh, locally sourced, high quality and all-natural ingredients that go into making noosa yoghurt so good. But, to be clear, noosa yoghurt is not organic. We realize this is a complex topic and we’re committed to be completely honest and transparent. While all the ingredients we use are GMO free, we cannot guarantee that all of the feed for our dairy cows is completely GMO free. Also, our all-natural honey is produced following best practices by Beeyond the Hive. It is impossible to know the certification of the various flowers and plants each bee has visited.

Our mission is to create the finest, best tasting yoghurt in the world, and we source our ingredients with great care. And, we believe that you can taste the difference in each bite of delicious, wholesome noosa yoghurt.