Allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re noosa, and we make yoghurt. But not just any yoghurt. Ours is thick and velvety. Sweet and tart. It’s a labor of love that starts in small batches on the farm and ends in a delicious scoop on your spoon.

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sweet. meet heat.

You asked for it, and we delivered. Four times over. Our sweet heat™ flavors are the perfect blend of sweet and spicy, which is totally sweet.

a little sweet. a little heat. a whole lotta creamy.

a roomy 4 ounces

You wished our 4oz cups were a little bit taller. Now they are. More room for toppings and less plastic for the earth. 140 tons per year less, to be exact!

our yoghurt

The process of creating our flavors involves a lot of delicious serendipity. We know what’s right when we taste it. And hopefully you will, too.

our story

How did a secret family recipe from Down Under end up over in the Rocky Mountains? Well, it’s kind of a yummy story…

our ingredients

You can’t make “so yum” yoghurt with ho-hum ingredients. That’s why we use a recipe of fresh whole milk, clover alfalfa honey, and juicy, ripe fruits.

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frequently asked questions

Wondering how we feel about whole milk or why we spell yoghurt with an “h”? You’ll find the answers, and so much more, in our handy-dandy FAQs.